Most common rigid box construction. Highest consumer and shelf appeal of all box packaging. Other box packaging tries to imitate the 2 pc. rigid set-up box but there is no replacement. Option to add pre-production or post-production die cuts on top and sides of the lid; with or without a transparent window.

Full Telescoping – 2 piece box in which the lid is the same depth as the base.

Partial Telescoping – 2 piece box in which the lid is shallower in-depth than the base.

Base and lid with no lid fit tolerance (i.e. same size).  A neck box is tightly fitted to the inside of the outer base.  This neck box is a fully, tight wrapped box at least ½” or greater in-depth than outer base creating a neck which serves as a locking mechanism once the outer lid is applied.  This can be used on conventional and slope constructions. The neck can also be inverted to serve a dual function, post-production die cut insert.  Neck reveals can also be utilized to provide added dimension and package design appearance.



Rigid box without a lid. Option to add a transparent vinyl lid.


Offers same high consumer appeal as a 2 pc. box. However, this is a one-piece construction providing a unique look and function within rigid box packaging. Wrapped wide v-notch can be used on opening end panel at no additional cost.

Essentially a long, deep narrow box intended to lay upright on one side designed to hold books, magazines, and DVD amaray cases. Slipcases with widths (i.e. openings) less than 3 ½” are of T shaped construction to be most efficient in material cost.  Slipcases exceeding 3 1/2” in width are of conventional construction.  The overall, finished appearance is the same but the exterior board and exterior wrap configuration is different.  Wrapped wide v-notches available at no additional cost.  Post-production die cut notches optional as well but bares additional charge.

Slipcase functions as a sleeve. Tray functions as a drawer which slides into the slipcase. Wrapped wide v-notches or post-production die cut notch used on the drawer for ease of sliding the drawer out.

2 components glued together to yield this luxurious rigid box package. Component 1 is a rigid tray. Component 2 is a flat board turned edge case cover with or without embedded magnet or magnet(s). The rigid tray is glued to the 3rd panel of turned edge case cover and/or 2nd panel (i.e. spine) depending on design expectation.  Most commonly used as a quasi, cigar-style box as it opens up like a book.  This is the most expensive, luxurious, rigid box package out of all constructs.

Commercial sheet-fed printed paper with a custom graphic design specific to client’s rigid box package.  The customer provides graphic designed artwork files created using KPB supplied templates. Box files can be in 4 color process or straight PMS build.

  • Aqueous – Basic coating offering minimal protection. Water-based. Susceptible to scuffing. Most cost-effective.  Offered in gloss, dull, or soft touch.  Overall application.
  • Varnish – Basic coating offering minimal protection. Oil-based. Susceptible to scuffing but more resistant than aqueous. Offered in gloss or dull. Can be spot applied.
  • UV – Offers considerably greater protection. Ultraviolet application. Less susceptible to scuffing.  Offered in gloss or matte.  Can be spot applied.
  • Film Lamination – Offers premium protection of graphics. Least susceptible to scuffing. Offered in gloss, standard matte, scuff-free matte, and velvet soft touch.

Note – Gloss/matte two-tone look also offered

Specialty Paper Approach to Exterior and/or Interior Paper

Stock colors, standard and special-order embossing patterns, various textures and substrates.  Specialty paper direct mills or paper distributors offer an array of papers. Most commonly used suppliers are Ecological Fibers ( and Semper-Exeter Paper ( This is used for a more simple, traditional exterior box appearance. However, there are specialty paper options that are also bold and flash such as mirror metalized poly and papers with varying metallic properties.

Additional Finishing Options for Either Paper Approach (Customer Furnished Artwork Required)

  • Foil Stamp – offered in an array of colors to include pigment, metallic, holographic, and micro glitter
  • Raised Embossing
  • Debossing

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